Favorite DC food websites

My go-to DC food websites:

  1. DC Eater: I check Eater DC probably 10 times a day (not an exaggeration). I also follow them on Twitter. Their Eater Maps are great (top places to get biscuits right now, DC’s iconic dive bars), and I try to keep up with their regularly updated Top 38 Restaurant list. The Eater sites for their other cities are also a great resource when trying to create a spreadsheet of good restaurants/bars in a city you are planning to visit (….no? you don’t obsessively make a Google excel document of restaurants to visit, most recent reviews and yelp highlights? really?)
  2. Prince of Petworth: Good for restaurant specials and DC events. I don’t use this site for dinner ideas or to find restaurant reviews, but as a way to keep up to date with the latest news.
  3. Young and Hungry: The Washington City Paper’s food blog has a great morning round-up that I like to skim through. They also have interesting interviews and funny reviews.
  4. Washingtonian: I love Todd Kliman’s chat every Tuesday at 11am. If he doesn’t like a place, he will let you know. He also travels throughout the DMV to find that hole-in-the-wall-restaurant worth navigating Seven Corners for (seriously, who thought that road design was a good idea?). Also, I like reading about people’s complaints (okay you hate when a server calls you “ma’am” instead of “miss” so you’re never going back to that restaurant? OH COME ON).