Saturday cravings: Fortune Dim Sum

photo (4)

I wish I had a better picture but I was on a food high.

Every now and then, I have the intense craving for legitimate, authentic Asian food, something that is hard to come by in NW DC. I’ll drag AL (fellow Asian, fellow Asian cuisine fan, fake roommate) across the river for either Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese food. We are usually already insanely hungry when we leave DC, and more often than not, famished to the point of anger/rage by the time we arrive at the restaurant. This past Saturday was no different. We decided to go to Fortune in Falls Church for some dim sum. After navigating Seven Corners (I will never not complain about Seven Corners because I do not understand how any rationale human being could have possibly designed that), we arrived more than ready for lunch. When I say “more than ready,” I mean AL was so hungry she could no longer speak and questioned whether her organs were shutting down (we may be a little dramatic when it comes to eating). In order to save her from near-certain death, her boyfriend took her to get seated while I parked. The great thing about dim sum is that the food is already done and ready for you before you even break your chopsticks. By the time I got in, they had already ordered two containers of shu-mai (side note: why do I want to name my imaginary future daughter this). For the next hour and half, we devoured approximately 15 orders of food. (Note: 3 people is a great number for dim sum, since a lot of these dishes come with 3 servings of food. Basically dim sum was made for third wheelers.) My favorites were the pork croissants, and the dan tat (egg custard tart). Both the croissant and the tart crust were so light and flaky! Everything else kind of blurs together into a massive mental pork/noodle/crab orgy.

The best part is that it cost us only around $30 each for this feast. I followed this satisfactory meal up with a food nap, and about 8 snapchats related to my dim sum hangover. Sorry everyone (3 people read this, so not sure who I mean by “everyone”).

In conclusion: Fortune dim sum may not compare to the world’s best dim sum restaurants, but it definitely hits the spot when you are craving some comforting Chinese food and want to undo everything you just worked for earlier that morning at the gym.