How to throw a cookie party (because girlfriends and sugar are the perfect combination on a Thursday)

  1. Figure out a time and date that works for everyone
    1. If necessary, pick a weekday (apparently all of my friends are more social than me and therefore have 4350982 different weddings/bachelorette parties/birthday parties during the month of October)
  2. Send out an email to pump everyone up
    1. Make sure you invite your friend that has the same culinary skills as Paul Bocuse because you’re selfish and want another excuse to eat their delicious creations.
    2. Explain that everyone should make a dessert, and bring enough to share. Leftovers will be divided up and taken home to ensure that the resulting stomachache lasts no less than two days.
    3. Tell people there will be booze.
  3. Pick up supplies
    1. Go to Michael’s, Party City, Five Below, etc to pick up to-go bags (I just got colored gift bags from Five Below), themed props (candy corn, a random orange pumpkin sequin thing), disposable eating supplies because doing dishes with a stomachache is annoying
  4. Prep your baked good, if necessary
    1. I chilled my dough the night before to make it easier to roll the next day. You could also bake your dessert the night before.
  5. Make sangria
    1. Also make sure you have a wine opener and did not leave yours at an ex’s where its usefulness will be remembered more fondly than said ex’s.
    2. Make sure the CVS behind your building actually sells wine openers (apparently the “convenience” in “convenience store” doesn’t apply to alcohol consumption supplies)
    3. I basically just combine a bottle red wine, three to four ounces of bourbon/whiskey, a cup of apple juice and two sliced-up apples. On the day of, I add a can of either soda water or Sprite zero, depending on what I have around.
  6. Make labels for people to fill out so that everyone knows what they are eating (it’s easy for everything to blend together in a blurry butter and chocolate haze)
  7. Clean?
  8. On the day of:
    1. Preheat oven
    2. Change into sweats. Or at least put on pants with an elastic waist. Comfort over style,people. That’s always the rule when it comes to eating. Especially in your own home (by “own home” I mean rented apartment).
    3. Bake
    4. Put a fizzy water, or Sprite in pitcher of sangria.
    5. Wait for your friends to show up.
    6. Put everything on plates to make it look like a respectable dinner party.



Optional step 9: text/email everyone the next day to thank them for coming then complain about eating too much/having a stomachache but know that no one regrets eating a single bit


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