“What’s a good place around us?”

My good friend SB lives right behind me. She emailed asking about some good places around us (Mt Vernon Sq area). Some good spots, IMO (an acronym I just learned about 2 days ago so I’m trying it out to see if I can pull it off):

“1. Corduroy is AMAZING and right around the corner from us but it is fahhncy.

2. Daikaya in Chinatown has great ramen but no reservations.

3. Tortino is cute and has nice Italian food.
Oh the Passenger has amazing bar food and sandwiches too! Also, Brasserie Beck at 11th and K has great mussels. And their HH bar menu is decent but it gets a little crowded.”
Note: Corduroy has a $30 three course menu (appetizer, main course, dessert) at the upstairs bar, which is a great deal.
She then responded, “You need to start blogging your food adventures.” And so now we are here. Thanks for the inspiration, SB!


  1. Foodie Next Door · November 13, 2014

    I didn’t know about the Corduroy $30 menu! I’ll have to add this to my list!


    • Isittimetoeat · November 14, 2014

      I will go with you! The upstairs lounge area actually is a nice space.


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