Specials alert: Seasonal Pantry

Seasonal Pantry is the adorable specialty food store around the corner from my apartment. You can find treats such as duck fat (a great gift for your chef friend/ fakeroommatebcyourparentsdontknowyoulivewithaguy), homemade cookie spread, jams, and bourbon cherries (a great gift for your ex/guywhodrinksfourcocktailsanightalone). In addition, on Wednesdays-Saturdays they hold a supper club which consists of a pre-fixed menu and wine pairings prepared by chef Dan O’Brien. O’Brien has been praised for his modern approach to rustic cooking.


Next Sunday, they are preparing a “Dine and dash” pop-up event at their store from 12pm-9pm. For $35, you will get a tagliatelle with classic butter sauce and shaved white truffles. Wine ($5) is optional. Reservations are available (the restaurant seats 12) in the store and by calling (202) 713-9866.


One comment

  1. Foodie Next Door · November 14, 2014

    bourbon cherries sound good enough to turn me into a girlwhodrinksfourcocktailsanightalone.
    Just kidding, who drinks 4 cocktails alone?
    Still think the cherries sound delicious though!


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