Stay warm: drink by a fire

It is has been ridiculously cold this week, so this list of restaurants with drinks and deals by a warm, crackling fire comes out just in time.

I definitely want to check out Bourbon Steak‘s fire pits, although not on a weekend night. It’s startling how different the atmosphere there is on a regular week night for dinner (classy, warm, delicious) versus a Saturday night at 11pm (clubby, perhaps occupied by mob wife-wannabes). Those french fries, along with the dipping sauces, are irresistible. Plus they come out piping hot, so they can serve as handwarmers (seems practical to me).



Things to consider with a new guy?

I don’t think I could date someone who does not eat the occasionally piece of junk food. That’s great that some people constantly live a life of “#cleaneating,” but I personally need someone who is going to split dessert with me, or at least help me polish off a bag of Cape Cod kettle cooked chips. Soooo I think it is important to ask someone their favorite kind of candy when you first start talking (texting), for several reasons:

1. It lets you know if you can split a bag of Reese’s when they go on sale at Giant, or if you need to invest in a variety pack

2. That tells you if you can snapchat them pictures of snacks throughout the day without judgement

3. If someone prefers Whoopers to Almond Joy, I will question their taste and sanity

photo (2)

(Currently eating an Almond Joy as I type this)