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Le Diplomate: the drug I just can’t quit

Friday was supposed to be one of those relaxing nights where I met up with a good girlfriend at a neighborhood bar to dissect her latest potential relationship over one glass of wine. My plan was to be in bed by midnight so I could get a peaceful nine hours of sleep before a Saturday morning gym session. Well, three and a half glasses of wine later, followed by a shot, and another shot that I tried to avoid taking by slickly dumping it into my glass of water (this failed so miserably because brown liquor is not disguised easily by clear water)….  this resulted in a slightly painful Saturday morning. After dragging my butt to the gym to sweat out as much grape juice as I could, I desperately needed nourishment. Specifically, I needed carbs. All I could think about by the time I got out of the shower was swimming in a massive loaf of crusty bread. Le Diplomate’s bread basket was the answer.

Luckily, there was no wait for the outside tables on their “heated” patio (I say “heated” because there were heat lamps present but we could not actually feel any warmth from them). I got a table at the very front corner, facing 14th street (a prime people watching stop) Although it was a wonderfully sunny day, it was pretty cold and I appreciated that they had fleece blankets on their chairs for people to bundle up in. KBS met me a few minutes later, and we flagged down a waiter to request bread as quickly as possible. KBS ordered the burger, replacing the fries with salad (not even going to pretend I wasn’t extremely disappointed because I wanted to do the thing where someone orders fries and says “oh take as many as you want” before realizing I take that literally).  I ordered the Croque Madame . And then we threw in a side of a bacon because neither of us has gout, yet.

The bread basket was divine, as always. I love their beautiful raisin loaf and loaded up a few slices with their perfectly soft butter (remind me of this sentence when I ask why I don’t have a six pack). My Croque Madame was absolutely delicious. The bread in this dish was amazing. It was so thick and managed to absorb the sauce mornay and egg yolk without falling apart or getting soggy, it was light, it was fluffy, it was slightly sweet, it was perfect. It was just so perfect. KBS enjoyed her burger as well, and we both loved the crunchy, salty, fatty bacon of course. We sat on the patio for two hours, soaking up the sun and watching the Saturday 14th street scene as we tried to digest the wonderful meal we had inhaled. One of many things that keeps me coming back to Le Diplomate is the service. Our waiter was attentive without being overbearing. He brought me coffee, even thought I had not ordered it, and poured me another cup as we paid our bill to “warm [me] up before the road.” Those little gestures make a big difference, and I always leave my meals with a smile. I also leave my meals there with the urge to unbutton my pants to accommodate my new bread baby.

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