Ode to the bloody mary

In general, I can say there is usually not a time where I won’t drink a bloody mary if it is on the menu. I might also ask for a bloody mary when it is not on the menu and then act confused when someone points out that the sun has been set for 6 hours. Seriously what is not to like? Vegetables, check. Booze, check. Olives, check. Spiciness, check.┬áBacon, occasional but preferable check. I honestly think it makes the perfect Saturday post-workout treat as well as the perfect post-dinner treat on Friday night. I get it, I’m in the minority for that opinion. Anyway:

Best bloody mary’s in DC (in my opinion):

  1. St. Regis bar (hello, clam juice)
    1. Bonus points because you can order this any time of the day, including 11pm on a Saturday night when your ex-bf refuses to go to any bar where he cannot have a seat
  2. Bar Pilar (hello, bacon)
    1. Shout-out to the bartender who gave me a plate of leftover bacon and some keebler cookies after he told me they had no more bloody mary mix (this also may or may not have been at 11pm on a weekend night)
  3. Logan Tavern (hello, options)
    1. The bloody mary menu at Logan Tavern is like the adult version of a pick your own adventure book. There are so many different variations to decide between. However, if you do request a bourbon bloody mary, the server will show up to the side of your table with a virgin bloody mary, a shot of bourbon, and a very confused look on their face.

photo (2)

(Bar Pilar BM)