The missing question mark

(I understand this rant revolves around one tiny punctuation mark and I accept that it may come across as ridiculous)

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That is something so small that manages to bother me so much: if you are going to message me, why not include the question mark at the end of the question?

This isn’t twitter, where you are limited to a certain number of characters. Also, your first message was only four words so even if this was twitter, you still have a remaining 125 characters. You have space for your four letter question along with 125 question marks. But instead, you just decide to let completely ignore the punctuation options on your keyboard.

Punctuation might not be the most important thing on someone’s mind when they are on Tinder, but punctuation, or lack of punctuation, definitely has a subtle impact on meaning (in my opinion). Are you so lazy that you cannot get your thumb to press those three extra light taps (“123” button, “”#+=” button, “?” button) to add an question mark at the end? Do you lack the energy or patience for those additional keystrokes? Are you omitting it because you believe the question is rhetorical? Are you like not trying to solicit an answer to your question? I just used four question marks in the last four sentences so I can now tell you from personal experience that entering a question mark is not a difficult task.

If you don’t use a question mark in the very first message to me, I am just assume you’re questionable (that is right, PUN INTENDED). Put some effort into it… you make that first message sound like something you would say while quickly walking past a doorman at your building. In that case, you need to keep on walking.