Post-Thanksgiving brunch bonding

My sister is coming home for Thanksgiving break, and as usual, we are excited to eat together. By eat together, I mean the entire process starting from dissecting the menu, to obsessively combing through yelp reviews and pictures to determine the best dishes to try, badgering the waiter with questions, and making strange, perhaps sexual sounding, noises while consuming our dishes. After our always epically delicious Thanksgiving dinner (she actually cooks well, as opposed to me.. who usually just cooks the kale/broccoli and chicken with olive oil combination night after night), we are planning on catching up over brunch on Saturday. Since she lives outside of NYC, she asked me for some brunch recommendations in the area. We do not take eating lightly, so I knew I had to come up with some good options:

  1. Le Diplomate: because like a sick addict, I can’t stay away.
  2. Macon Bistro and Larder: this is relatively new restaurant in Chevy Chase and just started brunch service in September. It has a Southern/French menu (the restaurant is refers to Macon, Georgia and its sister city in France) and has already gotten some positive reviews. If a place has good biscuit and good grits, I am putting it on my list of places to try!
  3. Del Campo: just started an bottomless brunch option for $45 which includes bloody marys and mimosas. I have been here for Happy Hour with AL for fake-roommate bonding, and really enjoyed both the atmosphere and the small grilled meat dishes.

It is wonderful when someone is a good eating partner. I love eating out with someone who is just as excited as I am about a new place, is willing to try anything, and most importantly, willing to share their food (if your dish has fries, I am going to pick at them).


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