Hidden gem: Taco Bar

A few months ago, my cousin casually mentioned her favorite taco place was located in a gas station a mile away from my office, in Gaithersburg, MD. I made a mental note of it, and googled it a few days later. How had I never heard of this place, simply named Taco Bar, with a 4.5/5 star rating, and 500 reviews?? I went to go check it out during lunch one afternoon and found this tiny store selling Mexican fast food in one corner, and serving as a beer and wine store in another corner. With a long line snaking around the store to the door, I realized that I am apparently late to this taco party. I ordered two tacos (pork and rib meat), and found myself holding a tray of soft corn tortillas (2 per taco) LOADED with meat for literally $6.08. The toppings bar has four different types of salsa (I dumped all of them onto my tray), two different types of onions (hope no one at the office wants to have an in-person conversation today), tomatoes, jalapenos, and various other sauces that I am not familiar with but just threw on top of my food (this is now a “salad” and therefore healthy).  It was all delicious. The meat was flavorful and tender, the tortillas did not fall apart, and the salsas tasted fresh. A great, filling, cheap spot for a wonderful lunch.

photo (2)

(2 heaping tacos: pork and rib meat)


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