Pizza for breakfast: Ghibellina brunch

My friend, and former DC resident, E was visiting from NYC over Thanksgiving weekend so we made plans for brunch. Two and a half years after her move, E returned to find 14th street just a little different than she left it. I suggested trying Tico, but the menu did not appeal to her so we wandered down 14th street looking for a spot to eat. We decided on Ghibellina, and while I have been there multiple times for their amazing happy hour deals, I had yet to try their brunch menu. Telling myself I would be be “healthy” after an indulgent Thanksgiving break, this idea was quickly shot down by the devil on my shoulder after I saw the breakfast pizza: the “dolce e salato,” consisting of kale, garlic, ricotta, percorino cheese, two egos and spicy honey.

It arrived straight out of the oven, with the crust slightly burnt, smelling like with a hot cheesy carb overload. The Ghibellina pizzas are served with a pair of shears for cutting slices into your preferred serving sizes, which I appreciate since the towards the end of the meal I like to cut my slices into tiny little slivers. My brunch decision did not disappoint: the crust was chewy and fluffy without being too thick, the eggs were perfectly runny and I spread the yolk slowly all over the surface (that’s what she said?). My favorite part about this pizza was the spicy honey. It added a delicious sweet element to the pizza as well as a little kick.

photo (4)

As daunting as the size of the pizza originally seemed, I managed to scarf down most of it and enjoyed another two slices that night. The sole remaining baby slice served as my breakfast the following day. Even a day later, the crust held up relatively well. This is my new favorite brunch carb (yes, I would even pick it over the Le Diplomate bread basket)!


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