Spotlight on: Swachos

I get extremely grumpy and pouty when it comes to soggy food. This applies to the bottom half of a hamburger bun, the crust of a pizza, and especially nachos. I get extremely upset when I find that half way through my meal, my plate of nachos has become a wet, soggy lump of cheese, various meats and disintegrating chips. Yes, I do understand this is a first world problem, but I just can’t help it. I will start complaining to anyone within earshot. I will pout. I will swear to myself I will never come back here because I feel so incredibly indignant about the state of my meal. I’m just really pleasant company.

So I will really only order nachos from one of three places in DC: The Passenger (hello pork cheek nachos), Meridian Pint (what up brisket nachos), and American Ice, Co (heyoooooo SWACHOS). Today, we are going to talk about the swachos. American Ice, Co is located off of the U street corridor (at the intersection of 9th and V). They have swine nachos, or “swachos” which are topped with queso, jalenpenos, and pulled pork. And despite the creamy, fatty, heavenly toppings, these nachos do not get soggy. They do not get soggy!!! The queso doesn’t solidify after 10 minutes, the chips hold their form, the jalapenos add a nice kick, and the ample amount of pulled pork is tender and delicious. If I was a Ed Sheeran, I would write a love song to these swachos. They are just a beautiful plate of protein, dairy and vegetables (jalapenos are in the vegetable section of the grocery store, right?) that I want shove deep into my mouth (yes, that’s what she said). These swachos are a great way to end of a long day and/or the perfect thing to pair with your slight buzz on a Saturday night.

photo (4)


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