A guy who buys you candy

Turn on: a guy who gets you candy. I’m still unsure about this guy in general, but when a guy comes out of his way to meet you and your friends out, he gets a lot of points. And then when he spends the rest of the evening actively engaging your friends in conversations, he gets even more points. Follow this up with a trip to 7-11, where he gets you a bag of your all-time favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids, at 2:45am and he’s just racking up points like Aaron Rodgers against the Bears.

Guys might think thoughtfulness means means having to spend a lot of money, or making some elaborate, grand gesture. In reality (or at least, my kooky reality), it is the little things. It is easy to open the door, it is easy to help me with my jacket, but it shows me you have the ability to think of others and be considerate. Being thoughtful is about putting in a little effort and showing the person that you are interested in, that you are really interested. Thoughtfulness is hot.

photo (2)

Plus, I would take a bag of Sour Patch Kids over a bouquet of flowers any day of the week.


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