Christmas Menu

This year’s holiday was a little different. My French brother-in-law was in southern France for Christmas Eve, and flew back on Christmas Day so Christmas Eve was just the four of us (my parents, my sister AC, and me). Christmas somehow creeped up on me so quickly! All of a sudden I felt like it was Christmas Eve and my sister and I were emailing back and forth, trying to finalize our menu. Even if we did not do our typical prep, Christmas still turned out to be several days of gluttony.

For Christmas Eve:

  • My sister made a squash soup, replacing butternut squash with kabocha squash soup
  • Of course, my mother made her rosemary roasted cornish hens, stuffed with sticky rice and sausage. And of course, it was a hit.
  • I repeated the Pioneer Woman’s stuffing from Thanksgiving dinner. This time, I added plenty of sage, in addition to the thyme and rosemary. My mother purchased some Southern cornbread that was incredibly moist (screw people who hate that word, it is really hard to find a synonym for it), so the stuffing was not as crispy at the top as it typically is, but still delicious!
  • Brussel’s sprouts recipe from Thanksgiving
  • My mother’s pecan pie

For breakfast, my mother assembled a crepe station so that she could use her new best friend, the induction stove. The station consisted of truffle oil, bacon, foie gras, vanilla rum and sugar. Savory crepes were made using truffle oil and bacon, while the sweet crepes had homemade vanilla rum and sugar. Of course there was plenty of butter so that we could get our calcium.

photo 1 (4)

For Christmas Day dinner, we had a few repeats from Christmas Eve as well as some new additions:

  • Asian style ribs: this was new to our Christmas line-up, but AC was craving ribs and since she does not get to experience my mother’s cooking often, we decided to . My mom cooks the ribs in the pressure cooker first, then tosses in them into the oven with a sauce made of apricot preserves, ginger, soy sauce and fish sauce. These ribs were absolutely fantastic. They were so tender, so juicy and so flavorful.
  • Cauliflower with brown butter crumbs: We used green cauliflower to make it a “Christmas theme.” Because there were no more shallots and I had no intention of changing out of my oversized pajama pants to go to the grocery store, I replaced those with onions. And since in my family, we truly believe there is no much thing as too much onion or garlic, I used an entire purple onion in the recipe.
  • Leftover stuffing, brussel’s sprouts, and soup
  • My father’s wine selection for the wine: a chateauneuf de pape

photo (8)

Dessert consisted of homemade French macarons (courtesy of my brother-in-law’s father), and my sister’s pumpkin pie. Note: no one in the family is allowed to eat until my sister takes her food pictures.

photo 2 (4)

It was the perfect Christmas for our little family. Full of funny stories, great movies (highly recommend The Intouchables on Netflex right now), family time… it was an amazing way to spend the holidays. Next up: slowly trying to burn off some off some of these indulgent calories before trying to squeeze into my NYE onesie.


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