DBGB: I’ve had better

I was so excited about DBGB opening back in September. Actually I was super thrilled that CityCenter is no longer a huge gaping hole in the ground that I have to avoid when walking home from Metro Center. But I really was looking forward to having a Daniel Boulud restaurant in the district after my experience at the DBGB in NYC. A few years ago, an ex-bf and I went there on a cold rainy night when we were both desperately craving a juicy burger after getting off of the Bolt Bus. We managed to find seats by the bar, where we split a burger as well as a sampling of sausages. I loved the food as well as the vibe of the crowded, warm restaurant.

A few weeks after DBGB opened, three of my girlfriends in the neighborhood made the five minute walk down 9th street to the brand new CityCenter, admiring all of the shops that seemed to have popped up and opened out of nowhere before heading into the big, shiny DBGB. The restaurant itself is beautiful, with big mirrors on the walls with cute quotes related to eating, food, etc. We were seated in a booth at the right corner, which gave us a nice view of the packed bar as well as the food coming out of the kitchen into the dining area.

We started with a tasty but unremarkable tarte flambee, a flatbread with white cheese, onion and crunchy bacon bits. For my main course, I went with the Frenchie, a 7 oz burger with pork belly confit, arugula, and morbier cheese on a potato bun. This was served with fries and mustard. While the burger was good and the bun stayed together (no pouting this time due to a soggy bottom bun) and I could tell this was good quality meat, there really was no wow factor to it. Like our starter, it was unremarkable but relatively enjoyable.


My favorite part of the meal (besides when SM was discussing updates on her OkCupid activity) was the dessert. We were debating whether we should stick around for another course, but our waiter strongly recommended the Baked Alaska, and assured this one dessert would be enough for the four of us. We agreed to try to it because let’s be honest, you do not have to be too persuasive to convince four girls to eat some sugar on a Monday night. They brought out this massive dessert, poured liqueur onto it and set it on fire on the table, much to our delight.


It was delicious. The roasted marshmallow topping was sweet, and complemented the tangy raspberry sorbet and pistachio ice cream core. We polished off the dish in just a few minutes.

While I like that there is another decent restaurant within walking distance of my apartment, I have no overwhelming desire to return to DBGB in the near future. The food is reasonably priced, but without any standout options in my opinion, I will save my calories for my jar of Nutella.


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