Meats & Foods

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Honey BBQ Twisted Fritos are my weakness. I do not buy these because I can eat the entire thing in one sitting (that’s ten servings, folks), and I just end up staring at the empty bag while feeling an overwhelming amount of regret, satisfaction and shame. So when my roommate told me that the relatively new Meats & Foods in Bloomingdale had Frito pies on their menu, I immediately thought about how amazing a Frito pie would be with Honey BBQ twists. This past Saturday after a long workout where I thought about chili and cheese the entire two hours, I made my way to Bloomingdale… with my own bag of Fritos because regular chips just don’t turn me on as much. The owner laughed when I brought out the bag but happily obliged and piled on their meat chili, scallions and cheddar cheese into a bowl for me. I also ordered a “ready-made,” a sandwich with in-house smoked pork, mustard and pickles. It was the perfect lunch on a cold day. The warm bowl of chili on top of the sweet, crunchy Fritos brought me back to life, and the pork in the sandwich was so tender it just melted down my throat straight into my hungry belly.

Meats & Foods opened back in August 2014 by Scott McIntosh and Ana Marin, the husband-wife team of 13th Street Meats (sold at Dodge City and American Ice). The menu is relatively simple, with six different types of sausage sandwiches (including a half smoke), a “ready-made sandwich” and a chilito with a meat or veggie option. Not only can you get a variety of sausage sandwiches, they also sell their sausages (4 for $10) and bacon to go. A simple, unpretentious and much needed spot for good quality meat in the district.


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