Craving for Etto

photo (8)

Balancing eating and drinking is always difficult for me during this time of year. The holidays are over, and the dreary January weather can cause an occasional bout of winter blues. And of course, it is hard to motivate myself to exercise after I leave work and realize it is pitch black and below freezing outside. This instead makes me want to shovel delicious, warm, comforting food nonstop down my throat and into my soft belly. So this means I spend a great deal of my day day dreaming about what I would like to be eating. Today, I am fantasizing about the pizza at Etto.

Located on 14th street, Etto opened in 2013 by the owners of 2Amys and Standard (aka Garden District, but seriously who really calls it that?). The pizza dough is made in-house, and cooked in the red oak-fired oven. I absolutely love the roasted cauliflower pizza, which is topped with roasted cauliflower (duh), capers, and anchovies. I am a huge anchovies fan. I love the saltiness, the fishiness, the tanginess of anchovies and (disclaimer:) I will probably try to bully you into eating anchovies if we are at a pizza spot together. This pizza dough is thin enough to allow for the toppings to shine, but not so thin that it gets soggy. The slightly burnt crust and roasted cauliflower give the pie a smokey flavor, and the anchovies and capers give the pizza a bite that I cannot get enough of. I’m getting lightheaded just thinking about this pizza sliding down my throat. This is lust at its purest form.


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