Buzzfeed takes on DC’s cheap spots

According to Buzzfeed, here are 21 bargain dishes in DC.

Some thoughts:

1. Still cannot believe I haven’t been to &pizza yet (the line at 3am at the U Street location is insane). They just opened a new location near my office, and my mouth is already watering when I think about inhaling some cheesy bread at my desk.

2. Baked and Wired makes the best cucpakes in DC, hands down. I still do not understand the people who wait in line at Georgetown Cupcake when you have the option of B&W’s red velvet cupcakes a few blocks away. A couple of years ago, my ex-bf got me a red velvet birthday cake from there, and I had cream cheese frosting smeared over my face for a week afterwards.

3. Pho Viet makes the best pho is DC proper (definitely better than Pho 14), but Pho 75 is the best pho is the DMV.

4. The Takorean taco bowl is THE BOMB. Even if I have had lunch already at Union Market, I will take a taco bowl to go because it holds up well in the fridge and keeps me full for hours afterwards (a very difficult task to accomplish).

5. I still have not been to Astro Doughnuts. Do I ever have a right to be writing a food blog?

6. Missing spots IMO: El Rinconcito, Donburi, Fast Gourmet


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