Mussel specials in DC

I love mussel (I mean I also like muscles) fries. They are delicious (as are muscles). Whether it is a cold winter night, which we have been experiencing a lot of recently, or a warm spring happy hour, I just love slurping down some bivalves and dipping some fries into the rich broth. DC has some great spots for mussels, many of them with specials through out the week.

  • B Too: $16 mussel bowls (along with their skinny, crunchy fries) on Tuesdays
  • Bistro La Bonne: this underrated, cozy restaurant on U street has a fantastic happy hour deal for mussel fries – for $15 you get a steaming bowl of mussels, fries and a drink
  • Dino’s Grotto: during happy hour (4-7pm during the week, all day on Sunday), pots of mussels go for $10
  • Granville Moore’s: my absolutely favorite spot in DC for mussels has $12 mussels all night. This doesn’t include their twice-baked basket of fries, which you also absolutely need to order. I also order 5 out of their 6 dipping sauces (garlic ranch, truffle mayo, chipotle mayo, dijonnaise and old bay ketchup) because I like to take up as much space while eating at the bar as possible.
  • Pearl Dive: this is my go-to spot for happy hour when it’s decent outside, and I am clearly not the only person in DC to think this because the patio can get pretty packed when it is not -4 degrees Fahrenheit outside (remember when spring existed, guys?). Their 1lb serving of Addie’s mussels, fries not included, are $9 during HH. While I love this dish, I find myself with a stomachache if I eat the whole thing by myself because the broth is just so incredibly rich and buttery (first world problem I realize).
  • St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar: if place has “mussel bar” in its name, you know the mussels should be good. This place lives up to its name, and has a crazy variety of options. During happy hour (from 4:30-6:30pm during the week), mussel fries go for a cheap $10.

Excuse me while I go fantasize about bathing in a giant bowl of mussel broth now.


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