COMING SOON (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!): Buttercream and All Purpose

If you could not tell from the title, I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED about these two upcoming spots.

First is Buttercream, a bake shop from Tiffany MacIsaac, formerly of Birch & Barley and Bluejacket. She announced yesterday that she will be opening a bakery in Shaw (RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FROM ME OH THAT IS RIGHT OH YEAH GET IT) at 1250 9th St. NW. She is hoping to have a winter 2015 opening. This is wonderful news because I have loved every creation I have tasted from her. One of my favorite memories is discovering the most beautiful chocolate bourbon peacan pie from Bluejacket sitting on my kitchen counter, a gift from my roommate for rescuing him after he misplaced his keys. The rich, goey texture of the pie, mixed with the intense dark chocolate and bourbon flavors made each slice an unforgettable breakfast treat.IMG_0286


Second up is a All Purpose, a restaurant coming from the guys behind the Red Hen and Boundary Stone. I actually cannot adequately express how INCREDIBLY HAPPY this news makes me. Red Hen is one of my favorite restaurants in DC. There is nothing that I do not like about Red Hen, except maybe the location because it makes it slightly harder to become a regular here. This will obviously change once All Purpose opens around the corner from me. Hope my roommate does not mind that I am just never going to move out of our apartment. Boundary Stone, located next door to the Red Hen in Bloomingdale, is one of those warm, chill neighborhood bars (with amazing wings) that I also wished was more accessible to me. Again, great news that the guy behind it is coming literally a block and a half from my back door. Even better? All Purpose will be focusing on my favorite form of carbs: PIZZA. That is right, A RESTAURANT FROM THE PEOPLE BEHIND MY FAVORITE PLACES THAT WILL MAKE MY FAVORITE KIND OF FOOD. Guess I better lace up those running shoes because my body is going to be dealing with a large intake of calories once these spots open.


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