Recovery brunch at Satellite Room


The Rock n Roll half marathon in DC turned out to be a wet, rainy affair. When my alarm woke me up at 5:45am that Saturday morning, the first thing that popped into my head was the sound of the rain outside the window. I looked out and saw that there was steady precipitation coming down. After shoving two slices of leftover pizza into my mouth, I threw on my running clothes, and an old sweatshirt (I keep all of my exes sweatshirts and use them as pre-road race gear because I don’t care about discarding the clothing before the start line) and headed down to Constitution Ave with SM, who was gearing up for her first half marathon (!!). The rain at the start of the race was light, but really started to pick up by the second half of the race. I ended up being surprisingly satisfied with my time, despite the lack of training and fact that I completely forget to wear a watch to the race. I finished with an average pace of 8:25 minutes/mile, which was faster than the last half marathon I had actively trained for, as well as a faster pace than the ten miler I had completed after Thanksgiving. I guess the California sun really does do a body good. The endorphins after finishing quickly disappeared once I was aware that I was completely drenched and freezing cold. The thin foil they provide after finishing did absolutely nothing to warm me up, and I felt soaked in cold rain down to my very core. Due to a miscommunication, N, who had a back pack with my dry clothes inside, had her phone on silent and I could not reach her so after 45 minutes of standing in my wet clothes I gave up and headed home. Once I got home, I realized that my hands were so cold, I could not move my fingers enough to turn the key to my apartment. My roommate was not home, and after trying unsuccessfully to force my fingers to cooperate, I gave up. I then wandered down the hall of my building trying to listen for people in their apartment. I knocked on the door of an apartment around the corner, and when the guy opened it, blurted out “CAN YOU HELP ME GET INTO MY APARTMENT?” Now I realize I must have been a terrifying sight. I was wrapped up in bright silver and red foil, my hair had been a wet, crazy mess that at one point been braided. After a 30 minute scalding hot shower and some layers, I felt a little bit more human again.

After the shower, I also realized I was absolutely starving. SM and N were back to their place as well, and we decided to needed to replenish our bodies quickly with some nourishment. I actually suggested pizza again, but they wanted something more on the breakfast side so we settled on Satellite Room, located behind the 9:30 club. Satellite Room has super chill vibe, and is designed like an old school diner vibe with neon signage, and dark red leather booths. We settled into a booth, and quickly looked over the menu (quickly because I was completely ravenous by this point). We decided to order loaded tots to start. These were absolutely delicious, and topped with a sweet bacon syrup. We demolished these in a number of seconds.

They also offer boozy milkshakes, which I have tremendously enjoyed before, but I could not imagine consuming any booze before a long, long nap so we all passed. For my brunch order, I went with the steak and eggs, with my two eggs sunny side up. The thin steak came out perfectly grilled. The eggs were done just the way I like them, runny with crispy brown edges, and I used the toast to pick up every last drop of yolk.

After this, I was craving something sweet to the end the meal but the waiter told me that unfortunately there were no desserts on the brunch menu. He did offer us a sweet shot of alcohol but the thought of that made me shudder so we declined. Since I could not fulfill my body’s craving for sugar, I did the next best thing: ubered home and crashed into my bed for a long recovery nap. The heavy food in my belly definitely helped me snooze for a few hours, and I appreciated the filling meal at Satellite Room. Definitely a good option for relatively inexpensive, classic breakfast food.


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