Out of town report: Cinnabon (somewhere between NYC and DC)


Selena Gomez said it best: “The heart wants what it wants.” After my long Saturday night in NYC, the Russ & Daughters smoked salmon bagel felt like a godsend. A few hours into the bus ride back to DC, my heart (and stomach) started craving something filling and sweet. We had ten minutes at some rest stop, and I ran in desperately looking for some form of sugary carbohydrates. The food court did not offer a lot of options, but they did have an Auntie Anne’s and a Cinnabon. I immediately went to wait in line for a cinnamon bun. Growing up, my parents did not allow us to eat at the mall food courts or airports, where Cinnabon thrives. I remember being super excited to hang out with friends at the mall because that meant I could sneak in a meal at the food court, and finally taste shitty Americanized Chinese dishes, unhealthy fast food and CINNABON CINNAMON ROLLS. I ordered a cinnamon bun and ran back to the bus where I immediately dove into my dessert. The soft, sweet roll with the thick brown sugar cinnamon filling and the most scrumptious cream cheese frosting was exactly what I was craving. I do not care if this cinnamon bun is considered cheap, overly sweet, non-gourmet, and calorie-laden . The way that each bite melts in my mouth so euphorically made me feel like this roll was absolutely necessary.


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