The Hamilton’s sushi happy hour

I could live off of sushi. I am never not in the mood for sushi. I could eat sushi for breakfast, I could eat sushi as dessert after a meal of sushi, I could probably eat sushi in my sleep. So when the fake roomie, suggested hitting up a early happy hour the day before she started a new job, I immediately suggested The Hamilton‘s sushi happy hour. The Hamilton, the giant restaurant from the Clyde’s restaurant group, opened in 2012 in Metro Center. It spans 37,000 square feet and holds up to 850 diners, so I recommend making sure you know exactly where you are meeting somewhere in there because I once found myself waiting twenty-five minutes for someone before we realized we had been sitting at entirely different bars on the opposite sides of the restaurant.

On this cloudy Monday, I met up with A at the front bar where she had already intensely scrutinized the sushi menu in anticipation of our dinner. The nigri, sashami and sushi rolls are all 50% off between 3-6pm every day of the weekend (which means you can go on the weekend!!). We decided to get 5 rolls, in addition to an order of sea urchin.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The top plate: spider roll. Bottom plate, clockwise from the top: avocado & eel, fire dragon, dynamite, yellow tail, uni (sea urchin)

The sushi rolls here are solid, and good deal during happy hour. I do not think I would go out of my way here when the rolls are not on special because $14 seems a little extreme for six pieces of rice covered fish. Out of the rolls we ordered, I enjoyed the spicy tuna and eel stuffed Fire Dragon roll, which is wrapped in crispy nori and creamy avocado. The Dynamite roll, topped with scallop and crab, was also interesting. The uni paled in comparison to the uni at Sushi Capitol, but for $2/piece, it cured my current craving. We polished off the plates fairly quickly, and were pleased to see that our total bill for this was around $40. For twenty bucks a person, this was a pleasant and filling dinner.



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