Kung Fu Tea Rockville

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Before my cousin Emily and her husband returned to Michigan, we decided to get together one more time. It’s hard coordinating schedules with our group, so the only people available ended up being Emily, her husband, her unborn baby and my cousin Ashley (Emily’s younger sister). We decided to meet at the new Kung Fu Tea in Rockville. It really only took me half of a drink in NYC to make me climb right onto the Kung Fu Tea bandwagon. When I arrived, there was a short line, but nothing compared to what I heard the lines were like when this location first opened this spring. It moved quickly, and I ordered the taro milk green tea this time (last time I got taro milk tea) and with 30% of the sugar.  I also added nata jelly and tapioca pearls, which brought my total to $4.50. The one annoying thing about Kung Fu Tea is the $8 minimum for credit card, so just remember to come prepared with a few dollar bills.

I appreciate the option to pick your sugar levels, because I like my bubble tea sweet, but not too cloyingly sweet. My drinks was delicious, in part due to the freshness of the milk and the overall smoothness of the taro and green tea flavor. The nata jelly and tapioca pearls were great, but tried my cousin’s drink which had custard in it and I made a mental note to definitely add that next time. The four of us sipped on our drinks and enjoyed some of the games laid out of the tables through out the shop. It was all fun and games, until I was forced to pick a harsh but undeniably true Cards Against Humanity white card winner:

FullSizeRender (2)


Nothing pairs with bubble tea quite like a dose of reality.


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