Hong Kong Palace: still the best

Of course my favorite kind of Asian food is Vietnamese (not biased or anything), but everything now and then I have a deep craving for authentic Chinese food. And when that hits, I get into my trusty beige Toyota Camry (is it obvious to you by this second sentence that I’m Asian American yet?) and head out of the city to Seven Corners, Fall Church. Just around the corner from the world’s most insanely confusing intersection, you can find my favorite Chinese restaurant in the DMV: Hong Kong Palace. Note: Despite the name, this Chinese restaurant serves mostly Szechuan dishes.

While I have never been disappointed by any order here, I have 2 go-to favorite dishes:

Chengdu Spicy Cold Noodles


I always get the spicy cold noodles when I come. Sometimes I also get one order to-go as well. It looks like such an ordinary dish, but once you mix the perfectly al dente egg noodles, the crunchy bean sprouts, sesame seeds and the INCREDIBLE spicy sauce, this dish explodes with flavor and texture.

Beef and Beef tendon with Szechuan sauce


Have I totally convinced you with this incredibly artistic and flattering image of a dish made of chewy body parts you don’t normally want to imagine chomping down on? I came to Hong Kong Palace one winter afternoon a few years ago to meet up with my cousins. My cousin Linda insisted on ordering this dish, and I tried to hide my reluctance. But once it arrived, I was converted. The cold salty meat, and the spicy peppercorn sauce are the perfect combination. The tendon is slightly crunchy, and just the right amount of chewy. Please order this dish. And if you don’t like it, I don’t feel that bad because it’s literally only $8.95.


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